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over 8 years ago

Important! Make sure the app meets the basic requirements!

Thank you everyone who has submitted an app to the Challenge!  It's the last few days of the Challenge and we have been sending out several cash incentives already. 

It is important that HTML5 apps submitted us the back button on the device and are the correct screen resolution.  Tizen will not approve the app if it does not meet those requirements.  Please use our guide: and read those sections.

If your app does not have that functionality, please edit it or send us a meesage to not repackage the app. 

If you would like to share this Challenge with friends, tell them to add your screenname to the Comments to Validation Team field in Tizen and we can offer you a bonus of $10 for every app that you refer that is published, so like this "appbackr screenname". Remember you must add "appbackr" to the comments.


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