over 8 years ago

Announcing the winners

Thank you to everyone that entered an app into the HTML Challenge. So far, it seems that all the entries also entered via the Tizen App Challenge. Those winners will be annouced later this week.

View all the entries in the Gallery.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and made the challenge a great success!

If you did enter this challenge with an HTML5 app and added the repackaged Tizen file to the Seller Store, please email us at tizen-cp@appbackr.com. Please do not email us if you entered the same app in the Tizen App Challenge. We have that…

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over 8 years ago

Did you get your app to the Tizen Store?

Thank you to everyone that had their HTML5 app repackaged. If you added your app to the Tizen Store in time for the Challenge's end on 12/31, please send us the Content IDs. That will allow us to track the validation status of the app.


Send it to tizen-cp@appbackr.com

over 8 years ago

End of Challenge

Thank you for submitting your app to the HTML5 Challenge. If you have not received your repackaged file, you will be 12/31/13 noon PST. You then need to submit the app to the Tizen Seller Store by 11:59 pm 12/31/13 and enter 'appbackr' in the Comments to Validation Team field to be eligible for a prize. When the app is published, appbackr will confirm and contact you with payment information. 

over 8 years ago

Please don't enter Tizen Apps

Thank you for the submission.  Please do not enter Tizen apps in the challenge.  Tizen apps do not need to be repackaged and it slows down our teams work when we start to repackage apps that don't need it. It's better to work on new apps for this challenge.



over 8 years ago

Important! Make sure the app meets the basic requirements!

Thank you everyone who has submitted an app to the Challenge!  It's the last few days of the Challenge and we have been sending out several cash incentives already. 

It is important that HTML5 apps submitted us the back button on the device and are the correct screen resolution.  Tizen will not approve the app if it does not meet those requirements.  Please use our guide: http://tools.appbackr.com/porting-html5-apps-tizen-guide/ and read those sections.

If your app does not have that functionality, please edit it or send us a meesage to not repackage the app. 

If you would like to share this Challenge…

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